Taxation Services

At HSKS Greenhalgh we recognise that for you to meet your obligations and realise opportunities, a special kind of service is required. To achieve this we have put together a team of professionals with the necessary specialist experience and qualifications in both taxation and accountancy.

In providing a comprehensive professional service we focus on three main areas:

Tax Compliance Services - Meeting Obligations

The world of taxation is one of increasing complexity and obligation, whereby the onus is on taxpayers, with heavy penalties not only for nonconformity but for errors and missed deadlines. Keeping up to date is vital. By using the latest software we are able to assist you in completing your tax return. Every individual taxpayer is introduced to a Director and a member of the Taxation Services team who is responsible for looking after their tax affairs.

Tax Investigations - Maintaining Wealth

HMRC should now be viewed as a business whose objective is to collect tax revenues. Tax investigations are an important tool in this process and the legislation provides the tax authorities with far reaching powers to facilitate this. This can be a very daunting and time consuming process and affects all taxpayers, and can occur regardless of circumstance and compliance history. Our role is twofold: firstly,to make recommendations to ensure that transactions are correctly treated and recorded and, secondly, to ensure that any enquiries are conducted and concluded properly and expeditiously.

Our Taxation Services team have considerable experience in this area and we can provide a service to assist you with tax investigations. To provide you with extra security, the firm is insured in respect of the charges for such work.

Tax Advisory Services - Realising Opportunities

Creative and proactive advice is essential in maximising the rewards of your success and we work closely with you in planning for and identifying opportunities. Traditional planning techniques are turned upside down and inside out so that they can be used in an innovative way and to maximum benefit.

We believe that simplicity with understanding is often a far more efficient and effective solution. Our solutions are commercial, open and able to withstand scrutiny. We anticipate your requirements by providing forward looking solutions and whilst tax planning should only take place on the basis of circumstances today, given the rate of change and ongoing reforms, we recognise that such planning needs to be continuous and flexible.

For further information on our Taxation Services, please contact Martin Tomes.

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Director - Taxation Services
Director - Taxation Services
Director - Taxation Services

Tax Advisory Services

Helping you to meet your tax obligations, without having to pay more tax than you have to.

Tax Compliance Services

Failure to pay the correct amount of tax at the right time can result in penalties and interest.

Tax Investigation Services

If you are about to face an HMRC investigation the sooner you get professional advice the better.

Making Tax Digital and Xero

Are you ready for Making Tax Digital?

Budget Reports and Tax Cards

Download our most recent Budget Report and tax card.