Our Agricultural Clients Say ...


A real in-depth understanding of the agricultural business sector

"My experience with HSKS Greenhalgh has been exceptional. The close working relationship we have built has been invaluable for my small business. HSKS Greenhalgh are always there to answer my questions and work with me to support my business needs.  They have a real in-depth understanding of the agricultural business sector and provide helpful advice.

"Specifically for me, the most important aspect of the relationship is having one point of contact - Hannah Bain - who understands our business inside out and is always on hand to give advice. She is the main reason we would not switch to another accountants. We also find Laura Hemp in payroll excellent to deal with all our payroll queries.

"HSKS Greenhalgh has supported us on a daily basis with accounting and payroll issues, but has also been excellent in working with us on a difficult demerger. 

"We would recommend HSKS Greenhalgh to others in the agricultural sector".

We have found her knowledge of the agricultural sector impeccable

"Hannah has worked with our business for a number of years now, initially completing the back office work, and more recently as our direct accountant. We have found her knowledge of the agricultural sector impeccable, her understanding of our business outstanding and her insight into how to save us money incredible.

"Recently, through her own initiative, Hannah has found us a way of saving over £7,000 in capital gains tax - for which we can't thank her enough and are extremely grateful".

 A Timely and Professional Response

"Hannah was requested to review a prospective client's set of accounts over a 5 year period. I had concerns regarding the presentation of the accounts which had let me to decline a lending proposal. I needed a third-party firm to undertake the review.

"Hannah reissued the trading accounts having identified inaccuracies. Subsequently, I obtained approval to assist with the funding of new farm buildings. Hannah provided us with a timely and professional response. Equally, she quickly obtained the trust of a new client, has modernised the farm's management information and is providing support as the farm business goes through a period of significant change".



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