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A real in-depth understanding of the agricultural business sector

My experience with HSKS Greenhalgh has been exceptional. The close working relationship we have built has been invaluable for my small business. HSKS Greenhalgh are always there to answer my questions and work with me to support my business needs.  They have a real in-depth understanding of the agricultural business sector and provide helpful advice.

Specifically for me, the most important aspect of the relationship is having one point of contact - Hannah Bain - who understands our business inside out and is always on hand to give advice. She is the main reason we would not switch to another accountants. We also find Laura Hemp in payroll excellent to deal with all our payroll queries.

HSKS Greenhalgh has supported us on a daily basis with accounting and payroll issues, but has also been excellent in working with us on a difficult demerger. 

We would recommend HSKS Greenhalgh to others in the agricultural sector.

Having Specialists In This Field Certainly Helped

I contacted HSKS Greenhalgh as I was having difficulty in completing the forms to reclaim the VAT on a barn conversion. A potentially large VAT refund was at stake and it had to be completed correctly. The team at HSKS Greenhalgh acted very quickly in getting me the spreadsheet to input the information in to and checked over the form I had completed. They flagged an issue early on regarding the planning conditions on the property that might have an impact whether we could reclaim the VAT but due to raising this issue so early they put a letter in with the claim to HMRC arguing our case. I was extremely pleased to receive the VAT refund after only about a month, as I had been expecting longer. I can only think that the way HSKS Greenhalgh approached the claim so professionally helped in the refund running so smoothly and quickly. Having specialists in this field certainly helped and I would recommend them to anyone else in a similar position.

Simon Spencer BSc Agric (Hons)

The Importance of Getting Professional Advice

The role of the professional adviser is far too frequently under-estimated and under-utilised in the succession planning process.

“None of their business!” or “Too expensive!” some may think. “It’s my/our family, my/our business, and I/we will do it my/our way!”

There is nothing wrong with that at all, because only the family can make the decisions. However, advisers of any quality and ability will have seen the same or similar issues many times before, and can guide and advise from wide experience of successes and not so well thought through examples, whereas most families only go through this process once.

While fee costs should not be ignored, I prefer to regard that money as an investment, because errors in planning or implementation can be very costly indeed - both financially and in terms of emotion and family relationships.

I have witnessed the consequences of inadequate succession planning far too often and just as frequently see plans that were drawn up some time ago, that were suitable then, and have been left unattended for too long and as situations evolve have become redundant. 

Please be kind to those of us who are called in to try to solve the insolvable. My recommendation would be this: Take good legal, accountancy and any other  relevant advice; start early; communicate fully; don’t avoid difficult decisions that only you and your family can take and revisit the solutions regularly.  Good luck!

Peter Russell, Senior Agricultural Manager, Barclays Bank   

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