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Active Practice Updates

Our regular fact sheets covering key business, accountancy or taxation issues.  If you have a question regarding the issues raised in any of the fact sheets, or would like to chat to a member of our team to see how we can advise you, please contact us.

March 2020

Automatic Enrolment - Policy Succcess, But Headache for Employers?
Cryptoassets: The Revenue's Tax Stance

February 2020

Tracing lost pension plans
Tax implications of providing company cars

January 2020

R & D Tax Credits in Practice

December 2019

Gearing up for self-assessment

October 2019

Property as an Investment for Landlords
IR35 in the Private Sector

September 2019

The numerous quirks and foibles of VAT

Residence or domicile

August 2019

Saving for your Retirement

July 2019

The Tapered Annual Pension Allowance
Identifying Inefficiencies in a Business

June 2019

The Scourge of Late Payments
Tax Implications of Working from Home

May 2019

Accounting for Charities
Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

April 2019

Personal Tax Planning

March 2019
The Politics of Tax Breaks

February 2019
Changes to Probate in 2019
The Risks of a Tax Investigation

January 2019
National Insurance Planning
Outsourcing Payroll

December 2018
Completing Your Self-Assessment Tax Return
Planning Your Estate - Wills

November 2018
Starting a Business
Deregistering for VAT

October 2018
Using Pension Funds in your Business
Extracting Profits from your Business

September 2018
Capital Allowances for Plant and Machinery
Tax on Residential Property

August 2018
The Marriage Allowance Explained
Capital Gains Tax Planning

July 2018
Making Tax Digital for VAT-Registered Businesses
Furnished Holiday Lettings

June 2018
Understanding IR35
Travel and Subsistence

May 2018
Personal Tax Planning
Company Cars

April 2018
Clipping the Wings of Phoenix Companies

March 2018
Tax and Employee Benefits
Cash Basis for Landlords