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Company Car Benefit

Some Background Information

The rules regarding the provision of company cars being treated as a taxable benefit in kind are strict and very difficult to avoid, based upon the car being available for use regardless of whether there is any such private use.

Our Approach

The Taxation Services team at HSKS Greenhalgh assisted the owner of a business who, following an inspection, faced a liability in excess of £10,000 over several years for the tax on the provision of a company car, this despite owning several private cars and having his business premises at home.

Ultimately it is a question of fact, understanding the rules and carefully gathering appropriate evidence which, despite assertions that this means solely in writing, can take various forms. 

The outcome, with our assistance, was a pleasing one, with the liabilities being removed. 

What Should You Do If You Are Faced With This Issue?

This is a difficult area where care is required and should you require assistance in this or any other area of enquiry, please speak to us.