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Divorce Settlement Case Study

Divorce Settlement

The Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Team at HSKS Greenhalgh were approached by the family law team at a firm of lawyers to assist them in dealing with a divorce settlement for one of their clients.

Their client was a director and shareholder of a very profitable family company and the lawyers acting for the spouse were claiming half of a significant business value.

Our Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support team, working closely with the lawyers and their client, formulated a robust business valuation and justification model, which was proposed to the spouse’s lawyers.

As the valuation was initially rejected, a full report was prepared by us in order to confirm and justify the valuation, in readiness for submission to the Court.

However, after further correspondence and due consideration by the spouse’s lawyers, the valuation, being considerably lower than the initially suggested value, was agreed by all parties.

In utilising our expertise and experience, and by taking a practical, hands on approach, an efficient and cost effective solution was reached in an acceptable timescale.