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Staff Development Policy

1.         Staff Development

Staff development, which includes all aspects of training, is one of the key elements of the Company’s Human Resources Strategy. The aim of this strategy and its supporting policies and procedures is to provide a working environment in which staff are able to maximise their performance, commitment and contribution to the aims of the Company.

Staff development is the term used to include all activities, which are undertaken by and for staff in order to maintain, up-date and enhance their work related knowledge, skills and capabilities.

2.         The Purpose of Staff Development

The purpose of staff development and the Staff Development and Training Policy is to link staff, their performance and development to the achievement of the Company’s operational and strategic objectives and its commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

3.         Guiding Principles

The following principles guide the Staff Development and Training Policy and apply to all aspects of staff development and training activity delivered both centrally and by individual support areas. There is a Company commitment to staff development and training.

All employees regardless of age, grade, gender, disability or ethnic background or nature of their contract of employment are expected to undertake staff development and training, which is viewed as a continuous process throughout employment. 

  • Staff are required to assume responsibility for their own development and training, which includes both participation in planned activities and making use of opportunities to learn when they are presented. 
  • Staff development and training is an obligation for line managers who are responsible for identifying individual training and development needs and supporting and encouraging staff.
  • Formal processes, induction, appraisal and training needs analysis are used at the individual level and staff development and training planning takes place at Company level.
  • Accountability for staff development and training rests with management at every level.
  • Staff development and training provision will be evaluated and reviewed to ensure it is adequate, relevant, effective and provides value for money.

4.         Priorities for Staff Development and Training

Identified strategic priorities for staff development and training, in the short to medium term are:

  • Staff development and training for the provision of business advisory services. 
  • Staff development and training to support attainment of professional qualifications. 
  • Leadership and management development.
  • Enhancing delivery service. 
  • Staff development and training priorities will be regularly reviewed by the Directors and Training Managers who have responsibility for staff development and training policy.

5.    Development Plans

The Directors and Training Managers will be required to prepare training and development plans, which will reflect the achievement of the firm’s strategic plans and the outcomes of the appraisal processes for different categories of staff.

These plans will be approved and reviewed annually by the Directors.

6.       Review Of The Policy

The Staff Development and Training Policy will be revised and updated every three years.