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Equal Opportunities Policy

HSKS Greenhalgh is committed to equality of opportunity and recognises that it is in the interests of the Company, as well as its employees, to promote a policy for equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. HSKS Greenhalgh considers all forms of discrimination in the workplace to be unacceptable.


HSKS Greenhalgh is fully committed to providing equality of opportunity throughout employment including recruitment, training and development and promotion. No job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment than another on grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marriage, age, religion or disability.

Special attention is given to interviewing, selection, recruitment and training to ensure that there is effective implementation of Company policy. Promotion is based upon ability, merit and performance taking into account the future needs of HSKS Greenhalgh.

HSKS Greenhalgh has taken steps to ensure that all employees are aware of the Company policy in respect of equal opportunities by reference in the Practice Assurance Standards/ Standard 3/ Staff Handbook and Company Guidelines (3.3.22).

All employees have a duty to assist HSKS Greenhalgh in ensuring that this policy is carried out in its entirety. Any allegations of unlawful discrimination will be treated seriously and dealt with confidentially in accordance with set procedures.