Taxation Services

Taxation Services



In order that our clients meet their obligations and realise opportunities, we have recognised that a very special kind of service has to be provided.

To achieve this HSKS Greenhalgh have put together a team of young professionals, led by Director Michael Henshaw, who have the necessary specialist experience and qualifications in both taxation and accountancy.

Understanding our clients' affairs and requirements is crucial to this and we believe that this can only be achieved by continuity and the development of personal and professional relationships.


From this we provide taxation services to individuals, families, property owners, entrepreneurs and business owners.

In providing a comprehensive professional service we focus on three main areas:

This involves ensuring our clients meet their tax obligations, which is an area of particular importance given the era of "Self Assessment" in which both individuals and companies now have to comply.

Enquiry by the tax authorities can happen regardless of circumstances or compliance history and our investigation service has two main objectives, firstly, in assisting our clients to get it right from the start, a "prevention rather than cure" approach, and, secondly, ensuring that any HMRC enquiry is conducted and concluded in a proper and expedient manner.

We feel this is our strongest and most important role, which given close personal professional relationships enables us to provide creative and proactive solutions that enable our clients to reap the rewards of their success.

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