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The last few years have seen considerable changes in the hotel industry, with independents and small chains facing increasing competition from the larger chains, particularly at the budget end of the market. In these circumstances, regular, up to date financial information, together with relevant advice, is crucial, so that you can quickly and reliably measure the impact of changes on your financial results.

Whether you are looking to enter the hotel industry for the first time, or expand your existing business, we can support you in the acquisition of your new investment by helping you to secure the most appropriate finance package and ensuring the deal is completed as tax efficiently as possible.

Ensuring your business is attractive to lenders is essential. To assist you in this, HSKS Greenhalgh have developed GreenLight Forecasting, a powerful tool designed specifically for the hotel industry, which has a built-in ‘What If’ scenario builder which can provide an indication of future performance to potential lenders.  Visit GreenLight Forecasting to find out more.

Our Leisure Team, led by Director Gary Brockway, an Associate Member of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants, comprises of accounting, taxation and corporate finance professionals, who can provide consultancy advice on the best course of action to ensure that your hotel remains profitable, that you can secure extra funding if necessary, or you have a tax efficient strategy, should you wish to sell your business.

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